Fragrance Finder: Scottish Fine Soaps

This family owned business of four generations manufactures 99.5% of their products from a site in central Scotland. Since 1974, they’ve been searching Scotland and the world for inspiration and ingredients with unique fragrances and beauty benefits.


Scottish Fine Soap’s Eau de toilette is a lightly scented cologne, designed to apply after bathing or shaving. It’s a little less concentrated than a perfume or cologne, so you can apply it over a heavier perfume to perfect the scent. Spray it where you want to be kissed!

Scottish Fine Soaps La Paloma 

A glamorous scent perfect for smelling gorgeous every day. This light eau de toilette combines top notes of zingy mandarin and orange with heady florals and a pinch of a subtly spicy undertone, to create a unique and memorable fragrance. Fruity, floral and spicy, blended with organic agave nectar to keep you sweet throughout the day. Pick up a bottle from our online store today, and slip it into your handbag for fragrance on the go.

Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait Noir

Looking for something a little darker? Au Lait Noir is a seductive new fragrance from Scottish Fine Soaps, carrying sensual notes of sandalwood with rich rose and lily. This mysterious scent stays light, so you can spray generously without worry for a distinctive and individual scent. Pick up a bottle from our web shop and keep it in your desk drawer for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up when you need it. 

Scottish Fine Soaps Calluna Botanicals

Calluna is the latin genus of Heather, from ‘kallunein’, meaning: to make beautiful. This seductive botanical fragrance has an enticing mix of spiced rose wrapped in a blanket of zesty bergamot. Clever noses will find base notes of tonka and sweet vanilla balsam. Warm woody scents add to this well-rounded oriental delight, for a captivating fragrance that you can capture for the evening with a simple spritz.