Fragrance Finder: Arran Eau de Toilette

Arran are committed to taking time out, slowing down and connecting with nature. Their unspoiled way of life allows them to live in touch with the simple elements that inspire their fragrances and collection of wellbeing products, proudly made in Scotland


Arran’s Eau de Toilette is a light fragrance, to be applied as often as you like to your pulse points - one to keep in your bag or at your desk for topping up throughout the day in order to make the most of the unique, fresh scents on offer in Arran’s collection of perfumes.

Arran After The Rain Eau de Toilette

Arran’s signature scent is constructed using layers of lime, rose and sandalwood for an iconic balanced scent designed for everyday wear. The notes of citrus fruits are paired with musky floral and earthier sandalwood for a multi-dimensional aroma that shifts and develops as you wear it. This scent conjures up a spring garden following a rain shower - uplifting and fresh. Thanks to the beautiful bottle, this fragrance is a treat for yourself or someone you love. 

Arran Machrie Eau de Toilette

A more masculine scent from the team at Arran, this is one of the most popular men’s fragrances from their collection - and for good reason. This refreshing perfume combines sea salt and rockrose for a simple, invigorating scent that will last longer than you might expect from an Eau de Toilette. Imagine a coastline with waves breaking on a rocky shore - capture the mineral, fresh scent of the ocean at your wrists and pulse points.

Arran Imachar Eau de Toilette

Our favourite scents are the ones that leave a lingering perfume wherever you go, and Imachar is a delicately balanced combination of clover, honeysuckle, rose, honeyed gorse and violet - a balanced, brightening scent that will create a balance of calm and energy, wild and romantic in perfect harmony. Apply this to your wrists and neck, and you’ll leave a trail of natural beauty behind you as you move through your day. 

Arran Lochranza Eau de Toilette

For masculine fragrances, a little warmth is often desired. This fragrance builds on a woody base of patchouli and vetiver, creating brightness through fresh lemon and grapefruit for an earthy, enigmatic fragrance that evokes sleeping castles and brooding hills. Pick up a bottle of Lochranza for a deep, rich and intricate scent that boasts an affordable price tag and handsome packaging.