For Him: The Definitive Grooming Guide - No Sweat

If you’re new to it, the world of male grooming can be a bit like stepping into the gym for the first  time. Technique is crucial, and without somebody there to spot you and offer guidance on how to get the most out of your routine, it’s easy to waste your time. So, consider us your personal trainer. But instead of building your biceps, we’ll be focusing on building your personal care regime so you can look and feel fresh every day.


Most of us don’t spend too much time thinking about our deodorant, which is fair enough. How complicated can it be? Just grab whatever’s on offer and apply it every morning, right? The thing is, finding the right deodorant for you is actually quite important. Neutralising your body’s scent and making sure you’re not undermining your cologne every time you raise your arms is important. After all, we spend plenty of time searching for our signature fragrance - why shouldn’t we devote a little effort to picking out a deodorant we wear every day? We’ve made things a little easier by doing the research for you.

Up To Your Armpits

One of the reasons most people don’t dwell on their deo is the sheer amount of options available to us. There are deodorants and antiperspirants, and they’re different things. Some embrace aluminium, others are all-natural. Some promise 48 hour sweat-free, others complement your natural scent. 

There’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing your deodorant. How much do you sweat? Do you suffer from skin irritations or rashes when you try deodorants with chemical ingredients? Which scents do you like? 

Apply Yourself

Very few of us are taught how to use deodorant - because it’s quite a straightforward process. Take the lid off, wipe or spray, put the lid back on. But there are techniques for getting the most out of your deodorant that will keep you dry and fresh all day. 

The key to coverage is a thorough application to the entire armpit area. The best method is to slow down and make sure you’re giving everything a uniform coat of the product. If you’re using a roll-on deodorant, you should apply enough pressure to get through your armpit hair. If you’re using a soft solid, the kind that clicks up, you should be using 2 or 3 clicks per underarm. If you prefer to use a spray, you should hold the can a few inches from your armpit and spray for approximately two seconds per underarm.

You don’t want to underdo your deodorant, but if you find that you’re getting a lot of residue on your clothes, you might be doing too much. Give your deodorant time to dry before getting dressed, and that should help you avoid those white marks on your clothing.

Dry Spell

Most of us put deodorant on in the morning, before leaving for work. But the best time to apply antiperspirant is just before you go to bed. At bedtime, your body is at its least sweaty, and you produce the least amount of sweat while you’re sleeping. Antiperspirant is effective when it can create plugs in your underarm, and that only happens if you aren’t already sweating. 

In fact, wetness is best avoided whenever you’re applying deodorant - you want your skin to be clean and dry when you reach for your roll-on, so the formula can do its job right. Sweat itself doesn’t smell, but when it mixes with naturally-occuring bacteria on your skin, it can create unpleasant body odour. Applying deodorant on top of sweaty skin won’t undo the bacterial breakdown or prevent the stink - so you should apply it before you do an activity that will make you sweat.


Deodorant is something most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about, and that might be because it’s a pretty simple part of our self-care routine. Chances are, you’re already doing it right - but if you’re ready to make a change, spend a little time on finding and applying the best type of deodorant for you, and don’t sweat the small stuff.