Self-Care Life Hacks: Toe to Head

Feeling anxious, stressed or stuck? It can seem impossible to get yourself out of an unpleasant headspace, but we’ve all been there - and we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. In this short series, we’ll explore a few self-care life hacks you can use when you’re feeling the need to unwind.


When we were looking for the first place to start for self-care hacks, we had a tough time putting our finger on it. So we tried putting our toe on it instead. Our feet bear the brunt of carrying us through every day, and they can go through a fair amount of wear and tear in the process. 

Taking some time to relax and revitalise our feet can absolutely transform the way the rest of our body feels, too - from head to, well, toes. And with summer on the horizon, turning your attention downwards will put you in good stead for sandal season.

Get Your Feet Wet

Bath salts are the first place to start when it’s time to give your feet some pampering. Try dissolving some in a hot bath and cool your heels for a short while. Epsom salt baths are fantastic, but aromatherapeutic soaks can be just as beneficial, especially if they make use of relaxing scents like lavender and spearmint

For a real life hack, try mixing bath salts with a decadently scented oil or lotion, for a homemade body scrub that will leave your skin soft, silky, and sumptuous with essential oils. 

Nailed It

It might seem a little odd, but cutting your nails is a really great way to revitalise your feet. When you’re cutting your toenails, always cut and file straight across - this helps to prevent ingrown nails. If you like to wear tight shoes, or you’re fond of exercise, it’s best to keep your toenails at a shorter length, if you want to avoid bruising or permanent damage. 

Cool Your Heels

Before going to bed, try slathering your heels with a decadent moisturiser or intensive foot balm and slip on an old pair of socks. Any cream with a high concentration of shea butter will do the trick to immediately soothe the feet, bringing comfort and beauty by reducing roughness and fighting against dryness. The socks will help to keep the lotion on your skin, rather than on your bedsheets, and after a week, you should see an improvement in the texture and appearance of your skin. 

True Grit

You might be tempted to get rid of calluses altogether, but when you over-pumice, you can end up ruining your spa-like vibe. In order to protect your feet, the body naturally builds up extra padding on the parts that are being overused. It’s okay to use a soft grit file or pumice to gently remove the dry skin, but stay away from blades. 


When you’re in need of self care, your feet might not be the first place you think to start, but it should be. Treating yourself to a nice long soak, or a little lotion if you’re short on time, can help stop you from dragging your feet, and give you the confidence to put your best foot forward for the rest of your day.