In Season - Break the Ice

Living in the United Kingdom often means building your plans around the weather, so it pays to be prepared. Winter has arrived, so get your heaviest coat out of storage and wrap up warm for the months that can be hardest on your skin - leaving you with sore knuckles and dry lips. Here’s how to stay happily hydrated and glowing for the cold snaps to come.


Don’t Give SPF the Cold Shoulder

Even when the weather outside is frightful, you should still be applying sunscreen every day - there’s less UVB around in the winter, but UVA levels are still significant enough that they can age your skin and raise your risk of skin cancer if you’re not using a sunscreen that has a high UVA rating. UltraSun’s sun protection gel is fast-absorbing and non-greasy, and offers both UVA and UVB protection all year round - plus it’s formulated specifically for sensitive skin, so you can use it for the entire family

A Clean Break

As winter draws in, you’re likely to find that your skin is becoming drier and more sensitive. This is often due to the arrival of cold weather and central heating, both of which can strip your skin of moisture. Gentle cleansing is a great way to combat this - you want your skin barrier to stay as healthy as it can, and if your skin feels tight after washing, it’s likely that you’re using a cleanser that’s disrupting your skin barrier. Hunt for a gentle cleanser, like CeraVe’s hydrating and soothing facial cleansing lotion, specifically formulated for sensitive facial skin that’s prone to irritation. Because it’s soap free and non-foaming, this lotion will increase your skin’s hydration as it gently removes dirt and oil from your day.

Cream of the Crop

Although you shouldn’t have to completely adjust your skincare routine, you might want to make a few little tweaks to what you’ve been doing in the warmer months. If you find that you’re having to reapply moisturiser during the day, you could look for a more heavy-duty moisturiser to carry you through the winter. If you’ve been using a lotion, try swapping it out for a cream - we’re fond of La Roche-Posay’s Nutritic Intense, which helps to soothe and comfort dry skin with a rich cream texture. This daily solution is designed to intensely moisturise your skin and increase its suppleness - with minimal ingredients to ensure it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. 

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Some of the most common cold weather complaints involve chapping - of your lips, and hands. But there are a few things you can do to combat your winter woes. 

If your lips are feeling sore, licking them won’t help. You’ll want to seal dry lips with an ointment like La Roche-Posay’s Ciaplast Baume, which provides a physical and biological barrier to soothe and nourish your lips and prevent future chapping. Containing Panthenol 5%, this balm creates a protective film for your lips that will leave them feeling soft and comfortable - we recommend applying before you eat or drink, as some foods can irritate your lips and leave them feeling even worse.

If your knuckles are suffering, you might need to switch up the soap you’re using at home. Scottish Fine Soaps have a beautiful Gardener’s Hand Wash, which is made with purifying tea tree oil - it’s refreshing and cleansing, and designed specifically for hard-working hands. Follow up with a generous application of hand cream - we love CeraVe’s Reparative Hand Cream, which is specifically formulated for very dry, rough and cracked hands. With three naturally occurring ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid, this lotion will deliver controlled, long-lasting hydration throughout your day, locking in moisture for 24 hour hydration. 


Prepare for the battle against winter chapping and dry skin by upgrading your skincare routine with the essentials you’ll need as the weather gets colder.