Heavenly Home: Supreme Shed

The shed isn’t the first place you’d think to stock up with beauty products, but it should be. When you’re working hard in the garden, it’s important to take care of your skin, and having a few powerful tools at your disposal can be a lifesaver as spring begins to bloom in our gardens.

Scottish Fine Soaps Gardeners Barrier Cream

Protect your green fingers from dirt and impurities before you even step outside with Scottish Fine Soaps Gardeners Barrier Cream, which is deliciously infused with purifying tea tree oil and a natural fresh fragrance. This brilliant formula is designed to act like a liquid glove, giving your skin an extra layer of defence against the elements. (You might still want to add a pair of gardening gloves to protect against thorns.)

Ultrasun Family SPF30

Even on cloudy days, you should be wearing sun protection - so if a sunny day rolls around and you’re keen to spend it in the garden, having some of Ultrasun’s fast-absorbing, non-greasy, non sticky UVA and UVB (SPF30) sun protection gel can save you the grief of sunburn and the numerous health problems that come with unprotected skin. This family-friendly formula offers infrared protection, titanium dioxide for blue light protection and lamellar technology - ideal for sensitive skin.

Scottish Fine Soaps Gardeners Hand Cream

An afternoon in the soil can freshen up your garden, but could leave your hands feeling dishevelled. Give your skin and nails some intensive therapy with Scottish Fine Soaps Gardeners Hand Cream. Purifying tea tree oil helps reduce redness and promotes skin healing, leaving hands feeling soothed and smooth.

Bramley Soothing Room Diffuser

Okay, hear us out. You might not think a diffuser is necessary for your garden shed, but if you’re wary of spiders and other garden beasts hiding in the corners, the right essential oils could be just what you need. Eight-legged friends tend to avoid the scent of lavender, so investing in the right fragrance could help protect you from unwanted surprises when the time comes to dust off your trowel.