Fragrance 101: Daring Floral

The world of perfume can be a little bit intimidating, especially when you’re buying online. How can you tell whether you like a scent without testing it first? Navigating the intoxicating waters of fragrance sometimes takes a little research, so we’ve gathered everything you need to know in one series, in which we’ll introduce you to the different categories of perfumes, and help you discover the one that’s right for you.


When it comes to discovering a signature scent, some people like to find it in nature, which kindly provides a huge number of fragrances in the form of floral scents. One of the oldest perfume families we have, it’s also the most popular, even today - possibly because they’re so versatile and appropriate for any occasion.

What You Should Know About Floral Fragrances

Some Boys Allowed

Though it may be the largest floral family, until very recently, floral fragrance was reserved for women. The floral family can be delicate, but also daring and bold.

Ranging from single flowers (also known as soliflore perfumes) to elaborate bouquets, predominantly floral fragrances are still a rarity for men - but if you look carefully, you’ll be able to find floral notes like rose and lavender in a lot of men’s fragrances. Perfumiers have discovered clever ways to blend the scent of flowers with musky, leathery notes to ensure a complex, masculine perfume.

In The Mood

Floral perfumes are a classic choice for moments when you want to drape yourself in a subtle, evocative scent. This elegant family can range from friendly and cuddly to perfumes that are more confident and seductive. Appropriate for wearing all year round, this fragrance family is particularly popular for romantic occasions.

In the Family

It’s possible to break the floral family into sub categories:

Floral fragrances are fresh and captivating, including the scents of rose, lily and jasmine.

Soft Floral fragrances usually have a powdery and musky scent, and includes nostalgic perfumes that use lavender and violet as their predominant blooms. 

Floral Oriental fragrances tend to be smooth and subtly spicy, like orange blossom. These heady scents often play with notes of vanilla, frankincense and clove.

Citrus Floral fragrances are created by adding a dash of citrus scent to a floral perfume in order to create a lighter, fresher fragrance.


It’s easy to understand why floral fragrances are so popular, because they are so versatile and appropriate for any situation. Although they’re frequently seen as a feminine choice, there are some leathery, more masculine options out there. If you’re looking for a scent that captures your favourite flower, explore our range of floral perfumes today.