For Him: The Definitive Grooming Guide - High Brow

If you’re new to it, the world of male grooming can be a bit like stepping into the gym for the first time. Technique is crucial, and without somebody there to spot you and offer guidance on how to get the most out of your routine, it’s easy to waste your time. So, consider us your personal trainer. But instead of building your biceps, we’ll be focusing on building your personal care regime so you can look and feel fresh every day.


Finding the right eyebrow shape for your face is one thing - maintaining it is another. Getting up close and personal with your monobrow can feel pretty risky - too little grooming, and you’re the wolfman, too much and you’ll be taking a look of perpetual surprise into your next important meeting. Even for the most unruly eyebrows, at most you’ll want to be doing a quick tidy-up. As always, we’ve got a few tips to help you tame those brows and keep them looking their best.

Gather Your Tools

You’ll need a bit of kit before you get started - but nothing too tricky to get hold of. A pair of tweezers, a pair of small scissors, and if you can find one, an eyebrow shaping comb. These three tools are useful to have in your bathroom, so you can quickly tidy your brows before you head out to that date you want to look your best for.

A good place to start

The trick to upping your brow game is figuring out where your eyebrows should start. You don’t want them too close together or too far apart. The simplest trick for figuring this out is to grab a pencil and hold it vertically against the corner of your nose. Your eyebrow should be proportional to the bridge of your nose, so if it’s creeping past the pencil, you should trim it back a little.

You can use the pencil trick to figure out where your eyebrows should end, too. Simply place it diagonally from the corner of your nose to the outside corner of your eye. If the brow reaches past the pencil, you might need to neaten it.

Do you feel plucky, punk?

Don’t shave your eyebrows. Don’t shave your eyebrows. Do not shave your eyebrows. When you spot hairs that are out of place, reach for the tweezers instead. Stretch your skin slightly, and start plucking the individual hairs. It might hurt a little at first, but you’ll quickly get used to the feeling. 

When you use a razor instead of tweezers, you run the risk of slipping and shaving too much off - and it’ll take a while to grow back. When you use tweezers, you remove the hair from the root. When you use a razor, you’ll end up with stubble, and it might return more coarse than before. 

The Odd One Out

If you’re worried about overgrooming, that’s fair enough. With eyebrow trimming, a little goes a long way. One of our favourite methods for only removing the hairs that need to be removed is to push the eyebrow back, against the grain, and look for any hairs that stick out a lot further than the others. These are the ones you can get rid of without worrying about looking overplucked. 


You’d be surprised by the difference a little attention to your eyebrows can make. For a sharper look that flatters the shape of your face, invest in a good pair of tweezers and remember to take your time. You can always take more away - but you can’t put them back in once they’ve been plucked.