For Him: The Definitive Grooming Guide - Form Fixing

If you’re new to it, the world of male grooming can be a bit like stepping into the gym for the first time. Technique is crucial, and without somebody there to spot you and offer guidance on how to get the most out of your routine, it’s easy to waste your time. So, consider us your personal trainer. But instead of building your biceps, we’ll be focusing on building your personal care regime so you can look and feel fresh every day.


Look, the chances are you’re already pretty capable of looking after yourself. It’s difficult to navigate the workplace without having at least a handful of personal grooming tricks up your sleeve. You shower often, splash on some cologne, do something with your hair and wash your hands after you use the bathroom. We’re not here to teach you how to function - but when it comes to your form, there might be some small adjustments we can make to help you out.

Close Shave

If you choose to shave, pay attention to the time of day you’re reaching for the razor. The best time to lather up is post-shower, after the hot water has had a chance to soften those bristles and open up your pores. Shaving after you shower is easier, quicker, and helps to remove any impurities you might have missed when you washed your face. If you prefer to start from dry skin, you’ll need to slow down and really take your time. Cutting corners when it comes to a razorblade can lead to nicks and irritated skin, so don’t be tempted to rush. Transform your morning shave into a ritual by treating yourself to the proper equipment. A good quality badger hair shaving brush is a great way to step up your routine, and will help ensure you can easily remove your facial fuzz with minimal irritation.

Scents and Sensibility

You want your cologne to last all day, so it’s tempting to be liberal with whichever fragrance you favour. As perfumers, we’re here to warn you that if you can smell your aftershave strongly, other people will find it extremely overpowering. One spray is often enough, two at most - and only if you’re using a light, citrus fragrance. If you prefer a richer wood or leather eau de parfum, less is more. The trail of scent that follows you as you move through a room is called ‘sillage’, and it’s a very powerful way to get positive attention, but if you overdo it, you might find people wincing when you walk into the elevator.

Sticky Situation

As men, we’ve come a long way since those plastic tubs of blue goo that defined the wet look hair style. There’s a raft of options available now, allowing us to style our hair however we like. Experiment with clay, mousse, gel, oil and balm until you find something that works for your hair type, but make sure you’re not being too heavy-handed with your product of choice. When you overload your hair, it can begin to teeter towards greasy or crunchy, and that’s not a great look for anyone. Take a little product in your hands and warm it up before working it in from the back of your head towards the front. Remember, you can always add more if you need a little more hold. 


The biggest secret to fixing your form is a little extra attention when it comes to the way you get yourself ready. Choosing the right moment to reach for your razor, or being careful with the amount of product or fragrance you’re applying can make a huge difference in how you navigate the conference room or date night.