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Bramley Soothing Room Diffuser 100ml


This diffuser is gives off a beautiful, rich and soothing fragrance so it is perfect for your sitting room or bedroom. The glass it comes in has been sprayed white so it looks like its ceramic. To get the most out of the fragrance you need to turn the reeds over (don't just twist them, which is what we did for a couple of months before we realised...) and the fragrance will be absorbed up the reed and last longer.

  • A beautiful soothing fragrance for your home
  • With essential oils of chamomile, lavender & geranium
  • Each diffuser comes with 8 bamboo reeds
  • Will last about 3 months, depending on location & size of your room
  • Refill available
  • Made in the British countryside
  • All our packaging is 100% recycled, recyclable or biodegradable

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